There are many myths out there on how to lose weight. Not all of them are effective. The most effective ways of losing weight depend on lifestyle adjustment. Do not equate changing your lifestyle to shunning food or taking part in activities that require all your strength. On the contrary, you can change your lifestyle in a balanced manner that gives you the desired results without putting your health at risk. Here are five weight loss tips that have the backing of health experts.


Lifting Weights

Lifting weights helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate. This helps in two key ways. You burn fat, which would have otherwise been stored in the tissues. Two, you retain muscle mass which is important for your movement and carrying out other activities. Lifting weight is a good alternative to dieting. Dieting may waste your muscles and leave you looking emaciated.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can mess up with your body’s physiology. It can cause anxiety, mood swings, and interfere with your eating habits. All these factors lead to poor health and contribute to weight gain. This is very dangerous especially if you are at risk of obesity or diabetes type 2.

The reverse is equally true. Getting proper sleep contributes to a reduction in weight. In a study conducted recently, some overweight people were asked to add 30 minutes to their daily sleeping time. It did not matter how long each of them had been sleeping, all they were to do was add half an hour each to their sleeping time. The results were amazing. Within two weeks, all of them had recorded significant reduction in their weight.

Drink Enough Water

Taking too much food is one of the causes of being overweight. Drinking of water about 40 minutes before meals will prevent you from overeating. It thus helps you to keep your weight in check. Many health experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water. This keeps the body well hydrated, and aids in metabolism. However, do not drink all this water at once or over a short period. Instead, space it out over a period of 12 hours.

mineral water

The other advantage of water is that it contains zero calories. Therefore, it is better at hydrating the body than energy drinks, beers and smoothies, which all contain calories.

Have Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs are associated with a host of benefits. Chief among this is weight loss. According to reliable studies, eggs help you to consume fewer calories as the day goes by than grains do. Eating eggs will help you to avoid craving for sugary foods for up to 36 hours. In this way, you will avoid piling up more fat and weight. However, if you are allergic to eggs, replace them with any other source of protein. They serve the same purpose.