Different people have different methods and information on how to cure cold sores. If you listen to what is said about it by people around you, you might end up confused on what to use. Natural remedies, however, have been proved to be the best and very effective when it comes to curing cold sores.

Natural remedy for cold sores

Aloe Vera gel

dfcgvhbcdvfbgnAloe Vera in the recent past has been found to heal a large number of diseases. A cold sore is among them. Use the gel to gently rub the cold sores. To fasten the healing process, add lemon balm on the gel. If you have high immunity, cold sores will heal faster after applying the gel compared to those with low immunity levels.

Warm tea bags

This is another effective home remedy for cold sores. It is proven to be a fast remedy to this disturbing infection. For the best results use tea bags, in the very initial stages of the infection. Add other natural ingredients like ginger, lemon balm and other natural herbs. Warm tea bags will be more effective if used before the sores are broken.

Cold milk

Dip a clean piece in very cold milk and gently rub on the infected area. Cold sores might be underestimated, but they can prevent you from tackling your daily activities. But no need to worry because cold milk will be of great help, and with no time you will be healed and back to daily activities.

Oregano oil

rfghbjndfghjIt is an Antiviral remedy which can be used both internally and externally. Apply on the cold sores for external use purposes. If you happen to sense them early, the take the oil orally. It contains some soft gels and vitamins.The good thing with natural ingredients is that they are readily available at home. You will not miss any of the above in almost all homes. This, therefore, makes it easy to treat cold sores without spending much on paying a doctor. The application procedures are easy such that even your little ones can do it while you are away.

Do not allow cold sores take away your joy and activeness; the above tips should sort you out pretty fast. If after using the remedies you do not realize any change, then move ahead and see the doctor. The doctor will be able to check, diagnose and give medication depending on the severity of the infection.