High blood pressure is a very dangerous disease, which is as a result of the blood pressure levels increasing to abnormal readings such as 140 and above.It is an illness that is affecting many people since its symptoms are rarely noticed early enough for immediate treatment.Because the symptoms are unnoticed early enough to help you develop measures to treat it, it may, therefore, endanger the affected person to develop heart attack which may cause instant death.The fact that there is an increase of blood being pumped within the body may, therefore, lead to complications in the normal functioning of the body organs.

Below are some of the most recognized symptoms of high blood pressure as witnessed by the affected people

Memory Problems

ghjzxcvbMany people suffering from high blood pressure, tend to experience moments of confusion and memory loss.This is led by the fact that the increase in the pumping of blood within the body interferes with normal functioning of the brain.This may cause your brain to feel tired to function, which leads to memory loss at some point.

Blurred Vision

Since a lot of blood is being pumped into the veins leading to the eye, may cause the nerves in the eye to burst.This may lead to the formation of blood spots in the eye.This affects the normal vision since it does not allow the eye to see well.Many people suffering from high blood pressure, tend not to differentiate different colors due to their blurred vision.

An intense and painful headache

This is one of the major symptoms of high blood pressure, which is witnessed by many people suffering from high blood pressure.Due to the abnormal heartbeat which leads to increase in the flow of blood in the body, it tends to affect the normal functioning of nerves leading to the brain.It affects the normal brain functioning which leads to a severe and intense headache being witnessed.This headache affects the
normal vision which is very painful.So if you tend to experience a continuous headache, it is wise to go for a check up on high blood pressure disease.

Increased irregular heartbeat

c bnmmdfghjThis is another obvious symptom of high blood pressure.The fact that there is a lot of blood being pumped within the body may cause increased irregular heartbeat.This may lead to congestion in the chest, and it may cause heaviness in the breathing.The increased irregular heartbeat may also cause shortness in breathing being experienced.This is a very uncomfortable situation which may cause an instant heart attack or stroke if not managed early.

Regular Nose bleeding

Due to the abnormal rate at which the blood is being pumped into the body through veins and arteries, It may, therefore, lead to bursting of arteries which may result in continuous nose bleeding.This is a very dangerous situation since it may lead to a lot of blood being lost.Many people suffering from this disease tends to experience regular nose bleeding.

It is crucial for you as an individual to keep monitoring your blood pressure readings now and then, especially if you have witnessed any of the above-outlined symptoms of high blood pressure.This is to ensure that you stay healthy, and you lower your chances of suffering from heart-related problems.